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How to fit vertical string blinds.
Vertical string blind top fixing brackets, fixing screws and plugs, vertical string vanes, vertical blind face fix brackets.

Unpack track and identify the type of brackets supplied.


Vertical blind top fix and face fix brackets.

Determine bracket spacing. (Ideal spacings are shown in diagram.) Position a bracket 4" from each end and evenly space remaining brackets.

Determine headrail position. (ensure that blind is not obstructed by window handles).

Vertical blind bracket spacing and headrail positioning instructions

Mark bracket positions

Position brackets and screw fix.

Attach the headrail as shown in the diagram.

Vertical blind headrail attachment and removal instructions

Next, attach the string vanes to the hangers as shown in the diagram.

Once all of the vanes have been attached, cut down the strings to hang just above floor level.

How to attach vertical blind fabric vanes.
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