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Venetian blind fitting and intallation instructions
Venetian blind swivel fixing brackets, venetian blind push fit fixing bracket.

Determine the positioning of the brackets within the window recess. Brackets should be positioned approximately 3 inches from each end of headrail taking care to aviod the tilt and lift mechanisms (see diagram).

Space any additional brackets supplied evenly across the window being careful to avoid cord positions.

Blinds need to be positioned far enough away from the window to be clear of the window handles when lowered.

Swivel Brackets - Rotate the locking lever into the open position. Offer the front of the venetian blind onto the bracket. Rotate the rear of the blind upwards. Rotate the locking lever into the closed position whilst holding the blind in place.

Push Fit Spring Brackets - Push the front lip of the headrail against the front of the bracket against the spring pressure and rotate the rear of the headrail upwards into the fixing lugs. The blind will click into place.

Lowering: To unlock the cords, pull to left and release gently through the hand until the required drop is reached. Lock the cords by returning to the right.

Raising: With the slats fully open, pull cords downwards until the desired height is reached. Lock by taking them to the right.

Tilting: To tilt the slats, rotate the clear rod (as shown in photo) until the desired position/angle is achieved.

Position venetian blind fixing brackets to avoid tilt mechanism
Venetian blind tilt mechanism, venetian blind lift mechanism and cord lock.
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