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Wooden blind installation and fixing instructions
Wooden blind fixing brackets and accessories

Determine bracket positioning and fix, taking into consideration any window handles or obstacles.

If using a centre support bracket, be sure to avoid the lift mechanism as shown in the photo.

Attach the clear, plastic valance clips which clip over the headrail. THE VALANCE CAN THEN BE ATTACHED AFTER THE BLIND IS LOCATED IN THE BRACKETS

Pick up the blind and slide the headrail into the brackets. make sure that the blind and tilt chord are facing towards you. Close the front cap/door on each bracket to secure blind.

Lowering - Move cords to the left and pull down gently until cord lock releases. Allow cord to slip through fingers until blind reaches desired level. Move pull cord to the right and release to lock blind.

Raising - Pull cords downward until blind reaches desired height, release chords. Blind will lock automatically. Lift cords located on right hand side of blind.

Tilting - Pull one cord gently to rotate the slats to the required angle. Pulling the other cord will reverse the action. Tilt cords are located on the left hand side of the blind.


wooden blind centre support fixing bracket positioned to avoid tilting mechanism
Attaching the valance attachment brackets and valance to a wooden blind
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